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Public Health, Reproductive health and rights, Primary health care and education, Total Quality Management/ 5S, Nutrition, Gender and HIV/Aids, SRHR, Maternal health care, Family planning etc. 



Primary education, Adult education, Literacy & numeric, Early childhood development & education, Education awareness, Curriculum and primer development.


Gender & Human Rights

Gender and development, Early marriage and Dowry, Violence against women (VAW), Sexual harassment / Eve teasing, Psycho-social Life skills and counseling, Human rights, Women empowerment etc.


Leadership and communication

Leadership development, Team building, Confidence development, Community people management, Time management, Communication skills development, Presentation skills development, Life skills development, Networking, Adolescent crisis management, Physical and mental health care of adolescent, Emotional management, Life skills for adolescent, Adolescent leadership development etc.


Good governance, Advocacy & Campaign

Local govt. strengthening, Union Parishad Chairman and Members awareness and training, policy advocacy and review, media advocacy and campaign design etc. 


Educational materials development

Developing effective and hands-on learning materials for growing children focusing on different ages is another intervention of this Institute. As it believes that to ensure creativity and playful environment exploring new way or methods are essential. It already has developed 3 learning materials for 2 years and above children. The objectives of these materials are to make the learning easy, learning in a creative and joyful way through play. By using these materials children will be the active learners. However, the present traditional learning system, teacher and parents are more active than kids. These materials will contribute to change the present traditional teaching methods.

Other Programs


Creative Kids

Creative Kids is a Pre- school program for 3-6 years old children. The objective of the course is child development and school readiness. Since the brain develops rapidly in this stage hence the curriculum is designed considering all developmental domains while at the same time transforming learning in a joyful method through playful materials. This course is regularly running by the Shishu Medha Bikas Kendro -a wing of Breakthrough Institute.


Genius Child

This course is designed for the children ages 5-12 years old. It is a brain development program based on Multiple Intelligence Development and life skills activities. This course is also running by the Shishu Medha Bikas Kendro -a wing of Breakthrough Institute. It is one year long course divided by 3 semesters and the classes held once in a week.


Potential Teenagers

This course is designed for adolescent groups ages 13 – 19 years old. This is a 6 months long program and it covers basic skills, adolescents crisis, physical and mental health, reproductive health and rights, emotional management, Communication (both verbal non-verbal ) skills, career plan and preparation, personal qualities (Leadership, problem solving, conflict management, negotiation, etc). Adolescent receives a comprehensive guideline and counseling for their personal development.


Parents Counseling

This is a one year long program which is designed for parents to enhance the knowledge and understanding to guide their children and develop skills on positive parenting. Parents usually have many questions, anxieties, worries, concerns about their child’s development. However, most of the parents have very limited preparation and time to spend and share with their child for taking proper care and guidance. Accepting these concerns of the parents, this course has designed to help them with necessary information and techniques. The objective is to provide different strategies about positive parenting and help them to give quality time to their children.


Young Professionals Development

This course is designed for young people those who are interested to prepare themselves as resourceful and competent candidates for job markets. This is 6 months long course which provide necessary knowledge, skills about the professional career through different information, exercises and methods. 

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