Square Hospitals Ltd

Name of Client: Square Hospital Ltd

Assignment Location within country: Dhaka

Duration of assignment (months): 2 Months

Professional Staff provided by our Organisation: 4 persons

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

As part of staff development activity Human Resource- HR department initiated this training to ensure the customer satisfaction through provides quality services. The training designed based on 5S/ TQM concepts.   

Detailed Description of Services Provided by our Staff:

Develop training curriculum as guide line to conduct training on 5S/ TQM. Reviewed the documents on TQM, identify the potential areas for Square hospital, made a training curriculum for training conduction. Developed training facilitation materials and power point presentation, pre and post test questioners, training evaluation format etc. Conduct 2 days training for 22 participants. Participants were doctors and others staffs. Total 5 batches training conducted by Breakthrough Institute.

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