Institute of Sustainable Communication (ISC) and Wal-mart


Assignment name: Study on ‘Reproductive Health Situation of Garment Workers from Gender Perspective’ 

This assignment was undertaken by the Institute of Sustainable Communication (ISC) and Walmart to assess the services they can avail in the garment factory and to compare the reproductive health knowledge and practice among the boys and girls.

Duration of assignment (months): 2 Months

Professional Staff provided by our Organisation: 4 persons

Assignment Location within country: 10 Garments Factory in Dhaka and Gazipur

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff: Review the literature and documents. Developed methods, tools and questionnaire to collect data, visited different relevant areas, KII, interviewed different relevant persons, conducted FGD, Interviews with different groups/organization, and prepared a presentation and developed final report.

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